Gary 610 x 470 Granite Sink

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Color: Granite
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  • Our Granite series of sinks are made of a composite material of approx 80% quartz  and 20% acrylic and colour pigments and binders. The non-porous surface and velvety feel of the material convey the impression of lasting quality. This surface is Anti-bacterial and food safe and well as heat and scratch resistant.
    • Installation: Top Mount
    • Made in PRC
    • Rounded Edges/Corners
    • Scratch and Dent Proof
    • Heat Resistant
    • Round Corners
    • Strainer Included
    • 10 Years Warranty
    • Australia standard 304 stainless steel waste strainer – corrosion resistant
    • Oil proof, waterproof, mould-proof, moisture-proof

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