What should I consider when looking for a new Bath tub

Renovating a bathroom can be overwhelming. Not only do you have to decide on a theme, but you also have to consider the floorspace and what best options would fit within it. When choosing a bathtub, it can get confusing as your heart wants to go with the freestanding, but your bathroom tells you there's only space for an inset. Some things to consider when choosing a bathtub would be style, size, shape and floorplan.  

  • Bath style: With so many different styles of baths available (clawfoot/pedestal, recessed/alcove, drop-in/inset just to name a few of the most popular ones), it can get a little dizzying trying to figure out what would be your best choice. A great idea is to look at bathroom inspiration magazines and pages online. You can see different styles and decide what suits your tastes. Then we highly recommend you need to visit your local bathroom showroom and have an actual feel for the tub itself. Is it comfortable? Does it fit you, as well as your needs? Can you see yourself relaxing and unwinding in it? Make sure the main criteria for choosing your tub isn't just aesthetics, but also functionality and comfort.
  • Bath size and shape: Love that cement tub you saw in the last home improvement show you were watching? They are amazing! But do they come in an option suitable for your bathroom? Will your floors need to be reinforced if your bathtub is carrying extra weight because of the materials its made of?
  • Bathroom Floorplan: sometimes the only thing limiting our dreams and imaginations are square footage! If your bathroom is too small to fit that clawfoot bathtub you've always dreamed of, you might have to compromise and buy an inset, but you can always accessorise with antique style tapware and railings/accessories if that's the look you're going for. Tiles, paint and wallpaper also play a huge part in finishing any bathroom makeover by giving it the character and mood you wish to achieve so you can show your flare and creativity through other channels.

For any more information or assistance in choosing the best options for your renovation or remodel, please contact our friendly, experienced sales staff who can help you go through your options and help you with your choices.